Arose from slumber around 2 or so, missing the breaking of fast yet again. Luckily, food was delivered in the form of a Tommy's burger from the fast food joint. Greasy, and covered with chili and raw onions, but hunger is the best sauce. Reading the news occupied me for a while, then my brothers asked me to play with them. I proceeded to whip them at Mariokart 64 (Well, at least some of the times) for a while. Took off for my doctor's appointment, quickly dealt with, and then we took off for dinner.


Food was procured at a Thai restaurant called Original Thai. Not the most creative of names, but the food's good. The two servers were in their twenties or so and sported candy and attractive brightly-colored plastic earrings. Must have been brother and sister, since it's interesting attire for an otherwise traditional place. I waited for the order chatting with my mother outside. The restaurant had a small fountain/waterfall with mint growing from the back, and when she crushed a leaf the scent lingered on the air. The fellow outside patrons were an older gay couple, a man waiting for his girlfriend to get off waitress duty, and an older man with a junky look and the company of a clubster teenage couple. The patrons inside looked far more normal when I glanced through the window from our table near the door. Information about oneself strikes in the strangest places and ways.

pleasant revelation

The family ate with Michael, a family friend. He didn't talk much, and we finished dinner pretty quickly. Not bad, but nothing in comparison to the two restaurants I found in Seattle and Portland. Of course, I wasn't dripping with sweat after finishing this food either. Attempts to call my wastrling friends fell through, and Austen's getting a whapping for eating dinner at 8 and still not calling back later. My mother had to return a video to Blockbuster so we'd get back the home-taped one we gave them by accident. Oops. I came along, and so did the bros despite my attempt. I picked up a random anime from the new release section and Friday for kicks. I've seen it once before, but on a small bus screen. While in the store, my mother told the bros that no video games would be brought along on the upcoming vacation. They spent the entire way home trying to convince her otherwise - "Okay, you can buy all this candy or let us take the N64." "Or I can say No to both." "If you don't let us take it, I'll get a sheep testicle fetish." I had to butt in at that point. "Umm, D, fetishes aren't under your conscious control, you can't quite choose like that.... Enjoy your sheep balls!" Then they tried to get their way by recounting disgusting anectodes from the Man Show - I ran as soon as we stopped. Being a pretty oral person, I was chewing on a pin when I started to wonder how closed up my tongue piercing had gotten over the week or so since I took out the barbell. Happily enough, it slipped right in. I suppose the large gauge (10 gauge or about 2.6mm) of the barbell cleared out a semi-permanent channel to a certain extent. I can slip up to about 14 gauge through without problem. Not the worse news in a while, but it still doesn't make up for my early morning excision. My cat just licked a Pokemon. I need to go sleep.