caffeine fueled

Sleep consisted of a short nap from 8 to 10. Watched Blazing Saddles for the first time - pretty biting racial comedy, but it was surprisingly not humorous sometimes. I think the best parts were actually two quotes near the end - "Where's all the white women at?" and "Badges? We don't need no steekin badges." I didn't try sleep after that until four or so. No good, lying prostate on the bed - I ended up pacing until finally admitting it simply wasn't going to work. I watched parts of two episodes of Cops - a guilty pleasure, but it's interesting to see the interaction between the law enforcement officials and the criminals. The LEOs always try to get some kind of admission, promising better treatment if you'd just come clean here and now. Think the best bet must be to plead forgetfulness. Pretty obvious criminals, so I missed seeing the "Are you detaining me?" play. I wonder what my friend did to get pulled in when he asked that. Went back down to my apartment and fueled myself with 2 No-doz pills - only the equivalent of four cups of coffee or so. If I never slept again I'd be happy. It's like a little death, and not the French euphemism. Reminded of one of Marla's many ex-boyfriends in the novel form of Fight Club. The one who never slept by application of heavy amphetamines, and died of a heart attack at 18. I'll sleep before the day is done. all engines are go

I do believe those No-doz have done it. I'm writing like a madman on various topics, and the ideas are flowing. Now if I could just get a legal caffeine substitute without the laxative effect - the rumblings in the guts is distracting me. Dear Lord do I love stimulants. Every once in a while I have to take a break from writing and just pace around the apartment or move to John Digweed in Sydney as represented by Global Underground's GU014. My eyes are crisp, my arms are flowing, and I feel alive. On other breaks I'll walk outside and listen to the birds in the crisp cold morning air. The sun's up, and I'm actually enjoying its presence.

breaking fast and flesh

Went out to Jack in the Box with my mother for food-like substance. Over a cappucino shake I explained various forms of extreme body modification. Hey, she asked. I think she finds them car-crash fascinating. When we got home I showed her BMEzine. I'm buying the book on BodModOrg 2000 - should go well with the Modern Primitives book if I can steal it back.

you remember what?

I switched to my dad's computer (mine lacks connectivity) to input a few pre-written nodes and found out one of my nodes had disappeared into thin air. Apparently a code bug - I messaged dem bones, who forwared me to nate. Back-ups may exist. Reading a new node gave me an undeniable sense of deja vu towards Life in Hell - apparently it had inadvertantly been copied out of a Simpsons book. Luckily, the noder has very mature about it, but a little fight over copyright started in the chatterbox. dem bones came down like a ton of bricks eventually. I mean, I understand and I appreciate the arguments, but in the end, it's dem bones' and nate's sandbox. I just node here.

when delaying the inevitable fails

Despite the large amount of caffeine earlier ingested I had to sleep around noon or so. Perhaps it was the emotional upset of seeing one's hard-worked node disappear into vapor knocking out of my earlier euphoria, or maybe it was just time, but I went back to the apartment to crash. Started reading, but pretty soon ended up face down with the book in one hand off the bed. I could feel it slow slipping, slipping out of my hand… it hit the floor and oblivion came. Woke up about 2 due to parental invasion, then fell back asleep until 3:30. When I woke up, I finished the book - The House with A Clock in the Walls. Kinda like an evil Henry Potter book minus the school, and Edward Gorey does the illustrations.

webmonkey vs spacemonkey

My dad recently went to Florida with my middle bro for baseball. He came back with 19 or so floppy disks of Mavica pictures. Guess who got to copy them onto the computer, and guess who's going to get to put them up on a website? It's not fucking Doogie Howser, for sure.

going to defcon 2

After dinner I played N64 with my two brothers. They were excited about buying F-Zero X and Mariokart 64. Too bad F-Zero X is a loathsome piece of cartoony crap compared to the first one and Mariokart is only a little better. It also became an opportunity to start fighting with my little brother, which ended in him stealing my pierced Pikachu out of my room. I really can't handle this.