Despite having collapsed around 4am last night (Tomorrow is the day after I wake up) I was woken at 8 by a cheery mother. For whatever reason, they had decided to take a rest before driving back from Northern California. Fine, except I didn't need to be woken to hear that or to be scolded about leaving every light in the house on. I simply had a desperate need to go back to sleep.

I arose around 1pm to the delightful sounds of the construction workers outside. My baby brother's pissed at me because I borrowed his Perfect Dark cartridge from inside his room. I regret ever letting him have it considering his insane border mentality. I've apologized in the past, but this time, even though I'm in the wrong, I'm not going to. Nothing I love more than dealing with someone going through puberty - at least he's more pleasant than I was at that age. Think I'll go finish "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" - the applicability to the whole Internet stock madness is interesting.

The alchemists and prophets were even more interesting. It wasy nice to read a 19th century bitchslap of Nostradamus and other assorted frauds. The reading, especially on the Rosicrucians, dovetails nicely with having reading Focault's Pendulum two weeks ago. Conspiracy theories have such a way of drawing one into a different reality.

Went out for Mexican food at El Tepiac again, got two huge Manuels. Used to be a dining challenge where if someone ate two at one sitting, they'd win $100 dollars. Considering one can feed 3 people with leftovers, it requires a certain something. Caught my youngest bro looking at p0rn - to be exact - after we got home. He did the alt-tab trick, but I still caught him. I caught my middle bro at it earlier as well. Heh, they never caught me.

Called a friend today. Inquired what the fallout of their arrest a few days back had been. Apparently, they had missed their scheduled court appearance by accident. Ooops. Considering they were innocent of the original charges, that's not the greatest news I could have heard. Hope they make it okay.