bla bla bla day

Another day of false starts early in the morning. Woken by mom to see if I wanted to do something - it wasn't nutrition, and so I demurred and started to fall asleep as the words trailed out of my mouth. True rising came around 11 when Michael, a family friend, came by to see the parents. Worked a bit on Schrodinger's Cat and then started to feel real hunger pangs, so I pulled out the tortilla chips and guacamole. Let no one say I eat a balanced diet. The obnoxious ones came back from the beach and I once again had to deal with the joys of five young teenage boys.

incestuous literary references

Robert Anton Wilson puts out a pretty mean text. Interesting ideas on the primate nature of humanity and on other various topics. He mentions himself and the Illimunatus trilogy a bit too much... A review should be posted in the next few days. Engaged in volume control wars over the TV and DJ Shadow/The Velvet Underground with the bros, tho luckily by that time the most annoying one had left. Bye bye Matt, may you never cross my path again. David started to play around with the pins and shoved a few into his thumb, a pretty common habit of mine when I was younger. He then ripped them out using the magnetic bowl, which wasn't something I'd seen before. I then finished off On the Road - an interesting book, wild Dean and Sal chasing around America. I know a few people with the same Dionysos drive that propelled Dean, but to a lesser extent. Nowadays such a person strung so high would burn out so fast I'd never have met them. I think I preferred The Dharma Bums, however. I checked E2 and wrote a bit. Apparently someone's been making a habit of downvoting any nodes of mine. Daylogs even - I must craft an Defense of the Daylog. Torn between the annoyance of losing rep and the glee of having irrational enemies. I really don't understand why anyone would downvote Why I gave up anarchy either - the same glee applies. Must be ideological - you can't argue with delusions.

lovely fuel, yet tasty

We had a smorgasboard of tasty Indian food from a local restaurant. Nothing exceptionable, but I certainly appreciated it. My mom's getting very openly upset about the fact that I'm leaving. It's uncomfortable. The boys left for ice cream or Balboa Bars with Michael and she's busy quilting.