bright and shining start

Didn't sleep last night, didn't want to. I started On the Road for a bit and gave up when I began to feel the restlessness of fatigue poisons. The TV won't stop blaring about the DNC and the only thing I could care about is how many protestors get their head cracked for daring to try to exercise their First Amendment and how many cops will be lauded for 'keeping the peace' with a bludgeon. My father has left for the dental office and I am free to roam, sleepless state or not. { a small pause } I just had to kick one of the cats out so it wouldn't piss on the Dodger Stadium pennant. A good primal scream would be nice about now.


I took a short three hour nap before getting woken up by a cordless phone. I got some less than comforting news from my mom, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Sometimes I don't know how I can handle this except by not feeling anything at all. I finished pulling the Florida pictures out of the Mavica floppies and went outside to water the plants around the house.

a moment of something ineffable

I was watering below the balcony when a yellow-black butterfly landed against my chest. It was heavy - I felt its weight in a way quite surprising for a flying insect. It fluttered off in a second, leaving me behind feeling much better. I shall have to Jain-like towards insects for a while in order to repay it.

lack of memory due to lack of importance

Not much else of interest occurred after that. I talked to Tom and conferred his non-appearance on Balboa Island, but beyond that it was a fairly uneventful night. The Powerpuff Girls TV show of the night kicked ass, and the last episode was incredibly funny in its sendup of Chemical X as a drug to be dealt by Mojo Jojo, but if I'm mentioning TV shows obviously it was boring. Guilty Kids: "We promise, we'll never take it again." Naughty Kid: "But how was it, having superpowers?" Guilty Kids: "It was awesome!" That is so not for children only.