Finally started banging the old daylogs out again. I had started to wait, and wait - telling myself I'd do them later. Unfortunately, the minutes and hours slowly slip away and when you sit down you remember nothing. Aggressive action is the only course.


I woke around one, turned over, and got out of bed around two. Time never seems as fluid as it does when dozing. I ripped through some more skinny legs and all before going upstairs for food. It's an interesting book, and Tom Robbins definitely has an intelligent style. No wonder Nick and Margo liked him. After eating I got a short call from the Balboa Island satellite of the family, with the usual topics. I gadded around on E2 a bit and then made a serious dent in the book. Dad came home and we had another agonizing discussion about shiftless me. He doesn't understand, thinks it's an issue of motivation as opposed to depression, but somehow I can't tell him. At least I didn't just leave to my little apartment Fortress of Solitude. I was sticking in the Florida pictures from the Mavica as we, well mostly he, talked. He finally left and then came back with the phone later. Yes mom, no mom, three bags full mom. She was upset I hadn't watered, something I felt a small bit of guilt for due to the heat, but more because she thought I wouldn't as opposed to time of such action. Dad then came in and asked to go water now and transfer photos later. Amusing considering I was going to water earlier and he asked me to swap floppies instead. Whenever he does anything he always involves everyone in it - I'm the opposite, I prefer to work alone and without help, even when it gets me in trouble.

nutrient fueling

It was way too hot to run, apparently around 105 degrees fahrenheit in some areas of Glendale. So we headed out for food instead, Dad having suggested Rubio's Baja Grill. We ate it there, and I stuck with fish tacos, confirming my food avoidance through vomiting theory. Apparently Rubio's has a liquor license, as I've never seen a fast food place with beer and chardonnay. Hunger sauce in hand, we polished them off flat while talking about Oracle and politics. We came back home and I slipped into my apartment for a little Powerpuff Girls enjoyment to followed with continued work on the book.

actual social interaction, wow

Came upstairs and found Dad hard at work sorting the photos. After a few pointers on how to cut, copy, paste and navigate the windows finder he got to work. I later heard him exclaim "This isn't too hard." After discovering Tom's absence I gave Austen a call to actually have her pick up for once. We had a decently long talk - guess she doesn't dislike me after all - complete with a polite discussion on politics. She's smart (I completely disagree with her), but she's cynical and enamoured of the status quo. Poor girl didn't have too much luck with the driving test - her first time with cars always turns out bad. Scraped a mirror three feet away and it was over. She loved finding out Nathan was in Germany as well. Apparently Kira failed to throw her big bash due to lack of RSVPers, too bad. At least I'll see her before leaving.

late night meanders

Shot the shit on E2 and had some intelligent conversation in the Chatterbox. I then went back to my apartment to finish skinny legs and all. After completing it, I'm conflicted. I like many of the messages in the book but they run into the Ayn Rand conflict sometimes. "Think for yourself, and this is the way you should do it." I don't know. It definitely has some interesting things to say about the Middle East. Lately though, I've come to realize that the Jews probably have a better claim to Jerusalem than the Moslems. It started with an Los Angeles Times editorial and finished with this book. Of course, that doesn't start to address the question of the Palestinians... Everything's too complicated sometimes.