Another Monday. By my calculation I have been alive for 9965 days. Phew. 35 more days and I'm into 5 digits. That seems ever so odd to me. Of course, it's also rather odd to be calculating that sort of thing.

Anyway, I'm still down in Sacramento. It's hot. Still. Spent the day writing more documentation and evaluating the client's business process. Happy happy fun computer science stuff. I also spent a good part of the day checking out this site my roommate emailed me about:

What a great site that is. I just about laughed myself to death. I also contemplated the possibilities of moving here (again) and being able to ride my motorbike every day of the year. Seems like an impossible dream. Plus I'm not sure I'd ever want to permanantly leave Calgary. OrCanada for that matter. Even for a few months.

I think I'll go home now and sit around my hotel room watching TV. Joy.