Jeez, there are a lot of birthdays today. I guess that is inevidable with 20,000 users we are bound to have days where people have birthdays. Happy birthday to all involved.

Today is day 9975 since being born. No major event today, but I am still looking forward to hitting 5 digits. Now there's a big event. :) Today is also day 60 of wearing this neck collar as a result of my adventures... hopefully I only have one more month to go.

Today is judgement day. Well, not really, but it sounds cool. For the past two and a half weeks I have been doing discovery and requirements analysis with this company down in Sacramento. I'm an outside consultant, and they hired me because I have Java experience. A lot of Java experience actually. I've been paying with Java since it's initial adoption by Netscape in 1995/1996. Anyway, today we start evaluating a product to see if it fits the needs of the various groups in the company as laid out by our analysis. I'm not sure that the software will do it, but I'm gonna try to keep an open mind.

Today is also my last full day here in California. Tomorrow I leave for home shortly after lunch. I love coming home; without a doubt it's the best part of leaving... I might just have to node that thought actually...