The Rachel's Band began in Baltimore, MD under the direction of Christian Frederickson and Jason Noble. They are not from England. They met and became close friends with Rachel Grimes. Rachel was given a copy of their Rachel's Halo cassette (a Christmas gift) because of her first name and soon the three began collaborating. The three members went on to record the first Rachel's album, entitled Handwriting, which featured many different artists from radically different bands including Shellac, Rodan, and The Coctails.

The group went on to record "Music for Egon Schiele", which was accompaniment to a play about the early 20th century artist Egon Schiele.

The Sea and the Bells was the group's third album. It was inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Selenography was released in 1998. It used more electronic equipment than before, but still follows the same pattern as past albums.

They recently collaborated with Matmos on a revision of "Full of Night" form the Handwriting album. It will be released sometime in summer of 2000.

All of their albums are available on Quarterstick Records.