I used to work in a local video store called Pick-A-Video. We rented all kinds of films, however we did not rent pornography. I'm guessing people expected we rented porn because we were a local store and all. So every so often, a middle-age guy would come in, stroll around the whole store, then come up to the desk and ask where the adult films were located. Usually, I would just keep a straight face and say we didn't rent adult films, but there was one fellow who deserved a chuckle.

A younger fellow came in one night, looked around the new releases and then came up to the desk when there were no customers in line. He slapped his ID on the counter and said, "I'm eighteen, here's my ID, I saw the door labeled 'private', I'd like the key."

I reached for the key under the desk to the door labeled 'private' and said "Well, if you need to use the bathroom that bad, you can go ahead in there and use it."

He looked slightly confused and then grabbed his ID and left.