Boy Meets World exists in an alternate television dimension in which certain key elements of the plot can be altered in order to prevent "Boy" from "meeting" the "world." I want to bring that fact into the forefront of discussion in our impending millennial issues that will shape society and culture for the year 2000 and beyond. A few minor elements that I feel need to be addressed within the plot of Boy Meets World. The first of these issues is that of Mr. Pheeny . The second is that of attachment. A hard thing to deal with for fans of the show has always been Boy and his friends growing up. It is human nature to become attached to people the way we know and love them. Boy and his friends are no exception. We as humans tend to grasp on to times or emotions we feel or have felt at certain times. We have a desire to not allow things to change. But, change is what things, in their very nature, do. The term "thing" is defined as "thing which necessitates by its very existence to be a thing which changes." "Change" is defined as "that which things do." Under these definitions, and the fact that growth and transformation is natural and beautiful, it can be seen that grasping such times, in this case holding on to Boy and the innocence he personifies year after year, episode after episode can be harmful. Boy is growing at a slow enough rate, especially mentally. How many times have you or your sect or cult said to yourself or selves, "When will Boy learn?" I myself say it many times per episode. We need to realize that Boy shall remain mentally deficient as long as he remains in his current, albeit, comfortable, environment. Take, for example, when boy went off to PennBrooke university. Having gotten past the fact that PennBrooke is on the same set as his former house, I was looking forward to Boys transition into one who could survive without Mr. Pheeny. It didn't take long before Pheeny was there at the University, getting Boy out of trouble. Next thing you know, George is in all of the same courses as Boy. There are a number of problems in this fact simply within the realm of social and mental development.

Can anyone really expect Boy to become a responsible independent college student in such conditions.


When it became clear that Mister was still teacher at heart, and would no longer be a "student", he was given, mid-semester mind you, a job teaching at that very University. Somehow, through George's sway, with his non-plutonic relationship with Dean no doubt, Boy was soon enrolled in all Pheeny-taught classes. There were two important points just made.

1.) Yes, I am implying that Pheeny cut the Dean off, if you get my drift, to further his relationship with Boy and the others.

And 2.) Boy is either enrolled in only one class, many classes all taught by George, or Boy is in High School again.

I fully realize the ramifications of my claims. It is important to look at the relationship Pheeny and Boy have had through Boy's meeting of the world, whichever world it may be has met or shall meet. Next-door neighbors for 18 years. This fact alone means Boy probably would not have felt easy about doing natural things that boys do. Some examples, urinating out of his bedroom window, defecating under his neighbors deck, throwing wild christmastime coke parties while his parents are out gambling. Pheeny has taught Boy every lesson Boy has ever had to learn, in grade school, high school, and now college. Even the lessons that your parents don't bother to provide that typically come from next door neighbors came from Pheeny, due to the notion that as a neighbor, it was his duty.

Another problem, which has come up noticeably recently, is that of a limited number of students attending the University. In a recent episode, Boy's brother , named Boysbrother, who also has several classes taught by Pheeny, not to mention a strange fixation with the man, developed the Eric Matthew's Fool-Proof Study System. During a random trip to the library, all of the students in the library were the same students enrolled in the class that Eric, Jack, and boysbrothersroomatewhoisfemale were studying for. Later that same episode, the same exact students were all in the same apex of hallway at the same time. Now, however, all sharing a bond formed through Eric's Study System, the mood was more sensual. Don't worry, though, because the specific portion of hallway occupied by the group was was outside of Pheeny's classroom. The viewer was soon to discover that the group of students which continuously reoccurred in the episode were all students of none other than George Pheeny. One large coincidence based on the pamphlets I have read about college life and classroom goings-on.

The thing which, as an oversight, was omitted and now will be understated is the point. It is my fear that Boy may never meet the World. This leaves me with the hope that soon, Boy will meet Beer, Sex, Crank, or some new friends.

Another thing to look out for. When watching the Boy meet world, I often notice cast members peering around corners during the taping of scenes in which they are supposed to be in. All I am saying is that it destroys the feeling of continuance.