Yesterday, I got promoted to Tech Crew, which means I can't call Tech Crew anymore to fix all the problems that go wrong when I am on duty. Interesting tidbit, I decided for a change and bought a pack of Camels instead of Basics....In the world of cigarettes, Basics are the favorites of poor college students and mullet-sporting rednecks, while camels are for the choosy bunch seeing as they are $3.60 a pack currently. It ends up being that I am so used to the harshness of Basics as a form of oral fixation that the Camels taste like air. $3.60 for a pack of air...whew boy.

another thing I figured out was I am somewhat bitter now that my friends are dating each other1, but hey I am dealing with it2.

1my roommate who I have known since high school and another friend for a couple of years are 'hooked up' which makes me somehow irritable ...seeing as how 2/3 of such friendship are involved in sexual humanism.

2I am courting a fair maiden as we speak.