Last night I dreamt about Everything. Actually, the past two nights I did.

I imagine this is pretty common among new noders like me, like how you dream about Tetris or The Sims when you play it. I would guess the effect is much like the first time playing Wolfenstein 3D, (or any other more recent shooter game) and when you walk away the walls and floor seem to spin, or you feel the swaying motion the character makes when he jogs.

I dreamt about clicking on links, and learning new things. I dreamt about making new nodes, but now I cant remember what I made them about (drats!).

But I suppose I should admit, this hasnt only happened in my sleep. The past two days, in conversations with people, simply walking down the street, etc., I have made the connection with Everything. Imagining clicking on a link, or as a specific example: walking through my gangway, the proximity of the tall walls stretching in front of me, approaching each other in an optical parallax, breifly reminded me of the two columns of a node with multiple write ups that appear on my screen.

I suppose this writeup will serve as a marker. Maybe someday I can come back to it and remember how crazy it really was to first start experiencing Everything. Maybe some of you will identify, and be nostalgic...

or maybe I'm just crazy.