Absorbase is manufactured by the Carolina Medical Products company and comes in Large (908g) and Small (454g) sizes. It's commonly used by hospitals during amputation recovery periods to protect and heal the tender skin tissue. Many amputees use this substance to break in a new prosthetic device or to rid themselves of rashes caused by the bloody device.

The ingredients are a magical blend of oil and water. Somehow (magically) Carolina Medical was able to fuse these two polar opposites together. This node exists for amputees (such as myself), or "normies" to learn about treating skin rashes. The Vetrans Affairs medical system has a contract with Carolina Medical until 2006 to stock Absorbase.


Company Description: Carolina Medical Products - A company who manufactures products of a dermatological nature including prescription ointments and over-the-counter drops. Known for producing Sorbitol (a popular 70% solution jug used for it's laxative effect.

Company Description of product: ABSORBASE is a water-in-oil aqueous occlusive petrolatum emulsion base useful in the treatment of excessively dry skin and dry skin conditions. For the entire body, ABSORBASE helps give rough, dry, chapped skin normal texture and moisture.

Absorbase is an ideal base to coat yourself in when you want to set yourself on fire. The previous sentence is false.