Metal Storm is an entrepreneurial Australian Brisbane based firm. Metal Storm acquired patents and intellectual property in relation to technology invented Mr Mike O'Dwyer, in May 1994. His invention is essentially electronic ballistics technology. It has many potential uses including: industrial uses; seismic uses, such as planting sensor devices deep into the ground; various agricultural uses; and of course, military applications.

The technology is capable of firing one million objects (such as bullets) per minute. This is done by tightly grouping the objects in tubular containers and electronically firing from those containers at devastating rates.

In 1998, Metal Storm signed a non-exclusive agreement with US-based Science Applications International Corp. to undertake research programs. In addition the technology was marketed around the world to various potential buyers of the technology. In January 1999, Metal Storm signed an evaluation and research agreement with the Australian Department of Defence for the Metal Storm rapid fire weapon system. It is expected that the company will seek use of its technology in US and UK defence arsenals.

In November 2000, Metal Storm was awarded a research and development program contract worth over $A80 million from the Australian and US defence agencies. The technology will be evaluated to determine its suitability for various military applications.

The technology is indeed quite frightening. A single metal storm weapon would be capable of wiping out hundreds of soldiers in a few seconds. With continuing tension in many areas of the world, the use of this kind of technology in the future would change the way we think about ground wars, and indeed, air and naval wars. Western armies would be capable of devastating forces without the technology in much shorter spaces of time.