John Q. Noder's worst nightmare -- after hours of work, I fear I might've made a bunch of redundant writeups.

I recently noded books 1 and 2 of Machabees -- a major undertaking, with something like a million hardlinks between the two (see 2 Machabees 5 as an example).

I just learned that they were noded last month by ephealy, entirely hardlink free, under a different name (see 2 Maccabees 5). ephealy's and my versions are also different translations with a fair amount of disagreement between verse numbers.

Two things to keep in mind: Rook points out that 'Maccabees' is probably the preferred form, since their sources transliterate the Hebrew root as 'maqqabyahu'. On the other hand, the Catholic Church has been referring to the books for several hundred years as 'Machabees' (short form, 'Mach') -- see the Catholic Encyclopedia article, The Books of Machabees.