Well it looks like I still have some way to go before I'm fully to grips with Licq, I managed to deny a couple of requests this morning by accident. Thankfully it keeps a nice log of all the system requests so I was able to email them and request that they resend the request.

Got to work and learnt how to navigate the logs for out email server at Star Internet (I mentioned yesterday that they have set up a separate division to sell their anti-virus software because it managed to capture the love bug without any updates.) The logs are very pretty, but not very printable. Oh well, you can't have everything.

Took a look at the downloads for Office 2000 SP1a Administrator update, and decided that 200Mb was a little too much for out ISDN line and we would wait until the next issue of TechNet.

BluePrintVert spent the day working on his website. He came up with a neat JavaScript `Ask the Mystic Monkey' that would pick a random answer to questions you ask it. It came up with some astonishingly accurate results:

Will dorward every work for Microsoft?
That is a sinful question visit {a href="www.thepope.org"}this site{/a} for absolution.

Will dorward every shut up about linux?
You may find this hard to believe, but YES!
(I do find that hard to believe!)

Will k quit his job to become a full time DJ?
No, unless today is a back holiday, in which case, Yes.
(k is spending a couple of hours each morning presenting the breakfast show on a local charity radio station, starting Bank Holiday Monday.)

Will m ever get the pay rise he deserves? (The monkey avoided answering by asking m out on a date)

Will BluePrintVert ever move out and stop living with him Mummy?
No, not a hope.
(On going office joke, BPV is going to move out as soon as he has saved up enough money, but he keeps buying computer upgrades knocking his bank balance back down low.)

Having seen the results I promptly rewrote it in Perl, I need the practise, and uploaded it to http://dorward.netfirms.com. Please feel free to try it out, the site isn't quite finished but the script is going fine. BVTs original (and ruder) version should be on his website in the next few days, I'll announce it when the time comes.

Part way through the rewrite I went to the hairdressers and had about two thirds of it cut off. I was disappointed that it wasn't cut by `the girl without a bra and with a tight tee-shirt'. She is the Dimmock of the hairdressing world.

Finishing off the Perl Script kept me so busy I missed my bus, so having an extra hour I helped k build the new server. For some strange reason he wants to put Windows 2000 on it for testing. I doubt I will be able to talk him out of it as head office wants the entire company to migrate to it over the next year.

Not much else to report, watched half a movie then gave up as I remembered the ending. Sent a few files to Mike who had managed to lose his copies in a system crash. And I am now downloading skins for Licq.

What I meant to do:

  • Get hair cut (this time for sure); YES I did it! Finally!
  • Really finish disciplines section of the database;Tomorrow, I promise
  • Get to Chap 6 of Sams Perl book;Not yet, although I might this evening, but I did code Ask The Mystic Monkey
  • Put more free webmail accounts in the blacklist.;Well e2 managed to produce a nice little lot, haven't inputted them yet though
  • Sort out homepage;Out of time - again. Oh well, I did set up http://dorward.netfirms.com