What I did on May 18, 2000:

Discovered that my problems updating AvantGo were not due to the sync server failing, something is up with my wireless net connection. As my cell phone is going away for repair anyway I'll ask them to take a look at that when they fix the mic. Of course, it might not be the phone, something could be wrong with the Infrared Modem, or even the PalmPilot. However, I don't have any way to test them right no so I will wait and see the result from the Pocket Phone Shop.

BluePrintVert has updated his website (http://www.blueprintweb.co.uk) which looks great so long as you use ie4+ or ns6+. He has also changed his email client to Eudora (with banner ads!), and is very glad he isn't going to be hit by *.VBS files. His conversion was due to Outlook deciding to demand that ie5 be installed when it already is and reinstalling ie5, Outlook and Office has no effect.

A is having more problems with his laptop (the one with the dead external CD-ROM unit). This morning it decided to forget the proxy server settings and disable the OK button on the relevant dialog box. Office then started to demand a Full Name and initials three times before opening properly. A is now on a spare laptop until his can be fixed, that will wait until the CD-ROM is taken away and sorted (it is now four days past the expected collection time) and we will then be upgrading it to Windows 2000.

GlastoBoy is suffering, he has little enough to do all day and is usually board, this time its worse as Royal Mail is on strike and he has nothing to do at all - except filing...

BS (those are really his initials) responded to my long list of questions about his problem --- by forwarding the original incomprehensible e-mail which I already had a copy of! I won't say anymore - it would probably get me fired.

I found a really great PHP script that creates PHP scripts to access MySQL, deciding that it would make life a lot easier for my project I installed it -- and it didn't work! I immediately started editing the code to no avail. Eventually I tracked down the problem, my edits to httpd.conf has turned PHP off completely. So with a quick cp httpd.conf.bak httpd.conf and a restart of Apache everything worked again! Makes me really glad I remembered to take a backup.

Got home to find my net connection dead, something is wrong with my ISPs systems, luckily they have a second phone number which did work so I am able to write this.

Mike is not happy with is current pbem rpg and wants to transfer to the one that I am involved in (they are affiliated). I've sent a note to the GM and hopefully she will reply soon.

Being a Friday night there is a lot of TV, so in absence of a date this week I'll be giving myself square eyes to the tune of Buffy, among other good (and not so good shows).

What I meant to do:

  • Finish sorting PHP frontend to disciplines section of the database; Made some progress, but not finished yet.
  • Post Student Finance application part 1; Thanks to the missing documentation being found this is waiting until tomorrow so I can add it.
  • Get video from HMV replaced.; Didn't need to, Warner is going to accept the out of date vouchers for the old (past expiry) promotion which they included instead of the new vouchers.
  • Haircut!; Once again I failed to get around to this, I'll put it on Mondays list