What I did on May 18, 2000:

Finally got around to checking out the Big Finish Website, it looks like the one CD that is missing from my set is still available but just that Forbidden Planet didn't have any in stock. Looks like I will just have to get it by mail order.

Not so good, I received no less then three pieces of spam so I spent a few minutes at spamcop although if the replies do any good I can't tell.

Work today has been rather boring so far. We have had one or two people complaining about problems which have already explained by email which leads me to ask Why don't people read their email?.

BluePrintVert called our supplier to see why they still have not picked up the broken CD ROM unit (more on this on May 16, 2000 and May 17, 2000). First they failed to answer despite listening to music for half an hour. Second attempt he was transferred, the phone was picked up but nobody was actually listening to it (or if they were they suddenly took a vow of silence) and we could hear other conversations in the background. Third try he waited on hold for a while then went straight through to the room of voices. 4th (and finally) he waited on hold for another 10 minutes before talking to somebody who promised that it will be collected tomorrow - it had better be! :).

Cisco sent us a piece of cardboard that thanks to an elastic band turned into a rigid cube as it was removed from the envelope. It kept us amused for hours!

Called up the LEA about the forms, they really really want the Birth Certificate but there is no urgency and I can sent it later.

Made some progress on the database, but got an error I haven't cracked yet.

Warning: 0 is not a MySQL result index in \\
/usr/local/httpd/htdocs/cad/disciplines/addDisciplineCode.phtml \\
on line 33

I will crack that tomorrow (I hope). E wanted to change the style of her folders, I explained that we didn't install the Active Desktop but managed to avoid ranting on for hours.

College? In a word, dull.

What I meant to do:

  • Replace To do with what I actually did on May 18, 2000; Decided to leave the Todo in but move it to the end, it is now what I meant to do.
  • Finish the users and disciplines section of the PHP/HTML/MySQL database; Failed, did make some progress though.
  • Apply for student finance; Made some progress, just need to send everything off.
  • Solve lots of people's problems and post the amusing ones to Everything2 while keeping names out of it (because I am nice and don't want to be fired); Strangely there was a shortage of stupid people today.
  • Call that idiot company who failed to pick up the external CD ROM drive for repair on Monday; BluePrintVert did it and it should be collected tomorrow.
  • Get to at least hour 5 of Sam's Teach Yourself Perl in 24 hours; Not a hope, I forgot I had college tonight
  • Do not each snacks - waist is too wide already; I did it! I actually went for a whole day without snacking!