06:30 BST

Well good start to the day, last night I introduced a plot twist in the pbem that I'm involved in and it seems to have stimulated everybody's imagination and there are lots of posts waiting for me to read.

Unfortunately none of the characters would have noticed anything amis yet so the first email I read was a general ratty complaint from the GM to most of the group.

Oh well, off to read through the rest of the messages.

11:00 BST

M (one of the many people who attended the "Internet for Complete Idiots" courses that BluePrintVert and I ran) called up today. He has just been given Internet Access and needed another lesson on how to use it. Vert answered the 'phone (thankfully because if it had been me I would have screamed) and walked him through the basics (again). Notable quote "So is this a website? What does it do?" about www.bbc.co.uk

After the call we came to the conclusion that he slept through our very interesting presentations

We now have a bet on whether he will be able to cope with the concept of a firewall password.

Andy is 29 today so in the tradition of this company he provided lots of cake. Helping myself to a donut I returned to my office, one bite revealed it to me a toffee donut - not jam! As I can not stand toffee donuts from Tesco I was forced to discard it where nobody could see.

People in the office are beginning to find out about this diary, this is not a good thing and I am beginning to regret announcing K?s involvement in Flame FM at the departmental meeting, he has no sympathy.

Getting to grips with PHP for the database, today I managed to implement some code to authenticate users. Of course when I get home I have to carry on with Perl, I really need to get to grips with it create some sort of indexing for my UFED Logs site.

12:40 BST

I love insurance, it isn't going to cost me a penny to get my cell phone repaired (the flip down bit looks like it will break off sometime this week). I just have to wait until the Pocket Phone Shop has a spare phone to lend me while mine gets sent off.

15:00 BST

Well, it looks like I am off to Birmingham tomorrow. One of the servers that I built is becoming unreliable and needs fixing (it had to be the PDC didn't it?). While the job is dull as dishwater, it does mean I get to work nearly an hour of overtime as I have to leave so early, and I get paid for spending four hours sitting in a car reading and listening to CDs.

15:40 BST

Well one of our remote servers has stopped responding, it refuses to even accept a ping. Our current best guess is that becuase E started the backup in the middle of the day, it is just too busy to recieve any other network traffic. We'll find out for sure when the backup is finished.

19:00 BST

I got home a little later then usual as the bus driver took a wrong turn and we went about half a mile out of our way. He didn't charge us extra through.

The server was easy to fix, just a matter of plugging the network cable back in, E had kicked it out by accident.

Dad seems to have lost some very important paperwork that I need last week, I hope I can make do without it.