Strangely for a Saturday I actually managed to achieve quite a lot, but more on that later. Lets start with last night shall we?

As usually for a Friday night I stayed up late to watch the uncut version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it was one of the best episodes I've seen for a while (the Spike Returns episode). That was followed by another pretty good program and then a great science fiction film called Harrison Bergeron. As a result I finally got to sleep at about three am, which is late even for me. Three hours later my alarm went off and 45 minutes after that I actually woke up.

Crawling out of bed, I wandered around for a while groaning, before managing to get dressed and find my way to the computer. I rapidly copied the latest Geeks in Space (which I had yet to hear) to my Rio and hurried out of the door in the direction of the bus stop.

When I finally made it in to town Geeks was still playing, so I did some more wandering while the track ran out before going into Tesco to get my breakfast.

Munching it on my way to the office I enjoyed Hooked on a Feeling which I'd dug of Napster last night while looking for Little Green Bag. The problem I had at the time was that I didn't actually know the title of the song I was looking for.

Finally reaching the office I wandered around every single floor making sure that all the NT Workstations were switched on as Friday's email and the message that had been on the Digital Dashboard since last week had requested. Technically they were all switched on, at least the graphics card was giving out a signal. The problem was that 20% of them were telling me that I could turn the computer off or click restart. Not much use for transferring files to them over the network. Luckily I checked the picture and didn't just fiddle the keyboard LEDs on and off.

With that finally sorted I went back to the server room and zapped the Anti-virus Management clean of all the computers in the building. Then I went through and put them all back in, if anybody renames a computer on the network without sorting it in McAfee I will rip their head off and use it as a centre piece for a dinner party.

The update went well, it had only one failure. For some reason I had installed the wrong anti-virus software on one of the workstations about six months ago. I fixed that - three reboots, I hate Windows - and re-did the update for that machine. With everything up to date I kicked off a scan of every computer. They all reported back with no problems, except a few warnings about encrypted files which I knew were safe.

While the scans were running, I turned my attention to my Linux workstation. Having bought the newest issue of Linux Format the previous morning and found that I couldn't find any sign of network support in Storm, I changed distro again. At the last count it still wasn't working. I should be able to fix it tomorrow though.

I then popped out for a little while to see if the Reservoir Dogs CD was in HMV, I managed to get hold of the very last copy. Bringing it back I finally had a copy of Little Green Bag, as I mentioned earlier I didn't know the name of the song, only the film. It also made my copy of hooked on a feeling legal (pay attention music industry - legal copy now).

M wasn't impressed though, which surprised me, the film is set during Super Seventies Weekend on the local radio station, and he is considerably older then me (I know that most 18 year olds are not huge fans of 70s music, don't make an issue of it).

Did some more pottering around, attacking the rebuild of my workstation. I also finally gave up on my NT machine, its lost all sign of magic cookies as well as taking an age to load anything. So I started rebuilding that as well, to be finished on Monday.

A's laptop is still having problems. The CD-ROM drive finally came back, it took four phone calls and two weeks for to collect it in the first place. However, it still does not work and it will have to go back again. I am dreading tell A.

Before leaving I made lots of threats as to what would happen if R didn't fix my Linux server by the next time I saw him. On Wednesday he needed to borrow a CPU to test another machine. It proved the problem was with the motherboard but when replaced in the Linux box, it literally blew up. This of course was after I promised some GBH if he damaged the machine again. Last time he touched it (to fix the graphics card) the system was out of commission for two months.

What I got home I watched Days of Our Lives, it is so bad I find it very funny, and had lunch. Then I got to work. I actually had time on my hands so I revamped my website - - comments and suggestions to the email address on the page. I don't care about spam, its my hotmail account. That reminds me, I found a nice resource on dealing with SPAM.

The rest of the day was spent tidying before I made myself a nice steak and had dinner. I then finished watching Joe Black (the film starts of very slowly but has a good ending) and now, now I'm writing up my day for e2.