Life returns to a semblance of normality. -and- How I got Achilles Tendonitis

I think I have begun to adapt to my new home in the friend zone. I was a lot less depressed today, and felt more like my usual old self.

The depression only sets in when I chat with Allie. When I see her in person, I don't tend to feel bad, but for some reason, whenever I talk with her online, it only brings me pain.

I think I managed to make a new friend today. I was juggling the soccer ball with a guy I didn't know in PE, a few days ago. He isn't in my class, so I didn't see him every day.

One day at lunch though, I saw him writing something. I assumed that he was using the opportunity to finish some homework assignment due later that day, and asked him about it.

It turns out that John writes fantasy. He is working on his first book.

I get excited about this, because I am a fantasy enthusiast. I have tried to pen some of my ideas before, but I have some difficulties narrating a story, that I might node later.

Today we played some more soccer, and then we talked for a while about Forgotten Realms before I went home.

When I got home, I sat down to work on my MUD. But before I started to code, I realized I still hadn't solved that little inheritance problem my objects kept having. I asked some of my coder friends, but the ones that weren't busy at the time didn't have a clue. It wasn't solved in any of my books, either.

Just as I was leaving to go to Borders with my dad, Tina came running down the street. Apparently, AT&T messed up again, because she couldn't call my house, "That number has been disconnected.".

I apologized that I couldn't stay, then left with my dad. I looked through the fantasy section quickly, but saw nothing that caught my eye. I then proceeded to the computer section, and skimmed through all the C++ books until I found my answer, explained in a margin in three lines of code.

Afterwards, I went to Tae Kwan Do. The session progressed regularly, until I was supposed to bludgeon a pad with a jump roundhouse kick. As I was pivoting my ankle, a shooting pain went up through my Achilles Tendon.

I informed my instructor that something was wrong, and that I would need to sit out for a bit. He immediately got concerned when I described the problem, and instructed me to see a doctor immediately. I was more than slightly freaked out.

I went home, and told my mom about the problem. She also had an "oh no" expression when I showed her which tendon hurt, but didn't seem as worried as the instructor had. She told me to ice it and go to bed, and see how it felt in the morning.

I hope I don't have this damaging condition.

I don't want to stop walking.