Mordor MUD is a MUD code-base, developed by Brooke Paul and John Freeman. It can be found at

Mordor is based upon Quest for Mordor by Brett Vickers, which was first written in 1988. It is derived from Quest v2.0 ca. 1992.

Technical Information
Mordor can run on any computer running a BSD-derived UNIX, or Windows NT. It requires around 10 megabytes of disk space, and at least 9 megabytes or RAM.

Current Projects
The following games are running Mordor or a modified Mordor engine:
  • Isengard -
  • Darbonne -
  • Chaos MUD -
  • Atlas -
  • Hrielith -
  • Lands of Stone -
  • Deratia -
  • Moosengard -
  • Aalynor's Nexus -
  • Sanctuary -