On October 22, 2002, SquareSoft released details on their upcoming game, Final Fantasy X-2. According to GameSpot, “This game is an action-oriented take on the FFX universe featuring a twin-pistol-toting Yuna in hot pants.” It has an anticipated release date sometime in March, 2003, in Japan, with a subsequent release in North America and the rest of the world.

This announcement marks the first time an installment of the Final Fantasy saga has had a sequel, and in fact, Square has mentioned that another follow up to FFX is in the works. There has been speculation that these games are being developed because of the anticipated unpopularity of Final Fantasy XI, which represents the series’ movement to a persistent, online world.

Looking at released screenshots and announcements show us that the game will feature Yuna, and paint her in a light more like Laura Croft than any traditional Final Fantasy series. Apparently there is a good deal of jumping, climbing, and other adventure game elements. Screenshots also reveal that instead of her ceremonial staff, Yuna is toting a pair of pistols, and has replaced her summoner’s robes with short shorts and a shirt, split in front. She is also wearing an ornament of some kind, the same symbol as was worn by Tidus and Jecht in Final Fantasy X.

Fans of the Final Fantasy series seem to have mixed opinions about Square’s decision to make a sequel to FFX. Some sound disappointed by the decision to make a direct sequel to any game, and others seem merely disappointed that the decision was to be based on this game. Others, though, sound excited about the prospect, mentioning that the story in the original was too complicated to have been only in a single game, and are glad for the second installment.