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A bio, a bio, a bio. What do you suppose a person fills this space with? Words can only describe a person so far. I'm too lazy to ramble, too tired to list things, and too young to have much to speak about anyway. So I'll do none of these things. I'll just give you a shitty bio that doesn't really tell you so much about myself.
I was once the sort of person who was very pliant and easily manipulated. Now I'm quite the opposite; hardened by years of being taken advantage of, I'm paranoid and distrusting. Don't get me wrong- I'm not mean, and I'm not unfeeling, I just don't take everything that's said to me as truth.
I try to avoid being too opinionated. I don't want to miss a better idea because I am too busy defending my inferior one. Then again, if you try to convert me to an idea other than my temporary beliefs of the time, chances are you'll be fought a bit. A lot, in fact.
I think I'll stop here.