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*About Me*
Well I'm down to earth, easy to get along with, but I do have my moments,
as do we all.
I'm a true Scorpion. I can be short tempered. I am definitely a Rebel.
Friendship is one of my best features. A Scorpio could turn out to be the
best friend you've ever had. The first rule of my friendship's are:
You never ever cross them, and as soon as you prove that your worthy of
my devotion, I can be that loyal friend.
Friendship's not the only important thing in my life,
but I will be true in a long-term friendship.
I'm not to old, I'm 40 yrs young, I do have two beauitful grandkids.
Most of my time is spent on them, and being on my computer.
I enjoy having fun, but mostly I enjoy doing what feels good.


I was also one of those;
The children who'd been taken then.
The punishment the white man chose
Was that their parents were forsaken them...

*Because they were the children of Indians*

They'd divide us so we wouldn't fight;
That's what they supposed back then.
They'd turn our red skin into white
And convert us to their religion...

*Because we were the children of Indians*

But listen close and you can hear
The grumbling - the eruption's near.
We've been silent but now it's time;
The earth is rumbling - the awaited sign...

*For us the children of the Indians*

The Panther streaks across the sky.
Tecumseh's footsteps shake the earth.
We now begin to raise the cry
To rise and fight for all we're worth...

*Because we are the children of Indians*

And the Families once divided
Are gathering now to fight.
'Cause we, the children, have long decided
We'd rather be Indian than white...

*Because we are the children of Indians*

So listen close and you can hear
The grumble of the earthquakes here.
He who's slept now gives the sign
The rumble begins - it's now our time...

*We're no longer children - We're the Indians!*

*By; Nezahualcoyotl (*HUNGRY COYOTE*)

With flowers you write, Giver of life, with
songs you give color, with songs you give
shades and tints to those who must live on
earth. Soon you will destroy the order of
eagles and jaguars. Only in your book of
pictures do we live here on earth. You blot
out what was humanity, community, nobility.
Even on a precious throne, in a box of jade,
princes can be found hiding: thus are we all
mortal, all on earth go to death. No one of
emerald, no one of gold will remain: we all
go away equally: all must disappear to Life
Giver's home. Like a painting we are erased;
like a flower we are dried, here on earth.
Like garments feathered with quetzal, zacĂșn
and bluebird, we go away to Life Giver's home.
Sadness walks and wavers with those who cry
in vain over eagles and jaguars. So, meditate
on this, eagles and jaguars, although you may
be jade although you may be gold you too will
journey to the fleshless land. We all must
disappear, no one will remain.

Tony Rich Project