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My bio short and sweet is a very traumatic upbringing. I've overcame alot of obstacles and am a survivor. Weaker individuals would of killed themselves.

My strong sense of preservation has given me a happy and long relationship. Two well balanced kids (so far). I have alot of animals around dogs, cats, fish, frogs, lizard. Lots of greenery house plants placed around the home. I feel at peace and let whatever happens happen. You can only control so much of your life and worry is a self destructive force along with drudging up the past and holding in resentment.

I'm far from perfect. I've made mistakes and have learned from them. I don't use drugs and I don't drink yet I'm funny and outrageous as hell. Just ask people who know me. I'm still healing my wounds but I see a future with my family growing leaving and giving me the grandkids i hope for.

You know all the bad experiences have prepared me for just about anything that can come my way. But I do wish for some good luck ie a small lotto win!