It wasn't easy for me either, being the son of a Brazilian diplomat when I first moved to the US I was immediately branded a worthless spic. I never felt so humiliated in my life since where I went I was treated like a moron in High School even though I spoke three languages fluently and lived in several different countries, posessing an insight to humanity that few people in that school had. Not even the guidance counselor could see through this, since he insisted in putting me in ESL classes (english as a second language) even after I demonstrated an excellent grasp of English which I acquired in only a few months, given I am generally a quick learner. To add insult to injury, he tried to steer me into a career in manual labour (woodshop, metal shop) rather than something that would nurture my intellect. The kids in there treated me no differently. Despite all this my parents still don't understand why I burnt my yearbooks a few years after graduation.