I spent much of yesterday worrying about my wife's health. I convinced her to go to the doctor a few weeks ago, and she has since been in for a battery of tests (x-rays and the like). We'll find out next week what's wrong, if they even know.

I don't like to bother other people with my problems, so I bottle them up and hope they age well. This one just led to knots in the muscles of my back. I hoped that a good nights sleep would fix that.

I woke up this morning still tense, so I sat in the shower and while the hot water streamed over my head and down my back, I meditated. By the end of my meditation, I had positioned myself firmly in the present, expanded my physical being to encompass a vast expanse of inner space which was very quiet and peaceful, and was physically relaxed.

Mid-morning, I was sitting at a conference table in the middle of a long drawn out meeting and began to feel myself tensing up again. Instead of going there, I quietly slipped into that vast expanse of nothingness inside myself and bathed in the peace while I continued to smile and nod outwardly at their suggestions and concerns.

I had gone for a refreshing swim, and they hadn't even missed me.

It's so nice carrying a large wad of inner space around with you.