I had a strange dream as most of mine are.

I was standing at the side of the road, near a railway crossing, in a small crowd. There was a traffic light there as well, but no cross street. We were watching some kind of lumberjack competition. There was a rope pulled across the roadway with numerous pieces of logs at regular intervals along the rope. A lumberjack was trying to cut through one of these pieces of wood with his axe. Someone informed the crowd that he had to get through the log before the bus coming up the street got past the railway crossing and touched the rope. My brother-in-law and a friend of his climbed the pole for the traffic light and opened various access panels. Between the two of them, they forced the light to turn red for the oncoming bus to give the lumberjack more time. In the process, they affected the light mechanism so that it no longer functioned properly. After the lumberjack finished chopping through the log, the two on the pole quickly got the traffic lights functioning again, and climbed down to the cheers of the crowd.

After that, the rest of my dream consisted of me wandering around in my brother-in-law's basement with 3 narrow strips of fiberglass insulation, looking for an appropriate place to store them.

How very strange.