I don't usually dream about work, especially about parts of my job that do not yet exist.

I went out to our outlet store because they were having trouble with their new retail system. Their multiple interconnected PC based register system was not doing something it should have been. I walked in to the store, and one of the employees at the store was a previous regional manager who worked in the office with me and was forced out by her supervisor (the bitch). This regional manager and I always go along, but there was never any sexual tension or anything between us. She walked over to me and got very close and gave me a kiss on the lips. Not a passionate, sexual kiss, but a loving, caring kiss that seemed to more of a message than anything else.

Later, when I finally got to the back of the store where the PC's were, I took off my jacket and held it folded in front of me. One of the cashiers suggested that if I wanted to stay modest, I should wear some pants. At this time, I realized that I wasn't wearing anything. Not losing my cool, I told the cashier, "That is why I'm holding my jacket in front of me".

I've never dreamt that I was unclothed in public before.

The rest of the dream was a blur.