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Dilbert is a [syndicated] [comic strip] created by [Scott Adams], first released in 1989 and still going strong today. It documents the strip's namesake, his fellow coworkers, and even his dog ([Dogbert], naturally] as they stumble through [corporate America]. Dilbert's anti-management (rather, anti-idiot, as one of the many anthologies has in its' title) makes it incredibly popular among [cubicle]-dwellers everywhere.


The Dilbert Family

  • Dilbert - The strip's namesake, and ultimately our protagonist. Dilbert works for an unnamed company in a [cubicle], though he has at one point had an [office]. His time is spent exclusively between [avoiding work], experimenting with [new] and [untested] [technology], and dreading having to deal with the [Pointy Haired Boss].
  • [Dogbert] - Dilberts' "pet", who has aspirations of [ruling the world]. Dogbert often takes time out of his conquering-the-world schedule to consult at Dilberts' place of employment in the fields of [technical support] and [network administration], though all he uses these jobs for is an outlet for evilness. He is also St. Dogbert, [Patron Saint of Technology], and has an [active lifestyle] for a dog with such stubby legs.
  • Mrs. Dilbert - Dilbert's mom, who seems like your typical old mother on the outside, but in reality is as technically-apt as her son. All we know about Dilberts' father is that he has been in a mall for roughly 7 years, and will leave that [all you can eat] restaurant when he's had all he can eat. Though unnamed in the strip, Scott Adams has referred to her as being called Dilmom (thanks to [Servo5678] for the info)
  • [Ratbert] - Another one of Dilberts' "pets", he is a somewhat simpleminded [optimist], and though he always has good intentions, has been reduced to being the butt of everyone's jokes.
  • Bob, Dawn, and Rex (the Dinosaurs) - One day, Bob randomly appeared in the Dilbert household after Dilbert proved that [dinosaurs couldn't possibly be extinct]. Soon, he was joined by his mate, Dawn, and their son, Rex. They did avoid being killed off after a [poll] taken by Scott Adams, and still live on to this day, [hiding behind furniture] whenever Dilbert has a guest in his house.

  • [Pointy Haired Boss] - Dilberts' manager and archenemy. His name stems from the fact that he literally has two black cones, sticking out of his head, pretending to be hair. The Boss is [technologically impaired], which doesn't stop him from asking that [random changes] be implimented into the companys' projects. He is the epitome of the [manager] that every office worker fears.
  • [Wally] - The most [cynical] employee on the face of the planet, Wally gets his kicks from defying management and [stealing office supplies]. He is often the subject of abuse from [Catbert], stemming from both his [grooming habits] and lack of height.
  • [Alice] - The only female [engineer] in the company. [Doesn't handle criticism well], has a [short temper] and hates [pantyhose] with a venegence. Alice had to be [harpoon]ed after she refused to return to the office after experiencing the joys of [telecommuting].
  • Asok - Pronounced "ashook". The lone intern in the strip, Asok is the victim of many pranks, but still holds the [youthful optimism] that the others lost so very long ago.
  • [Catbert] - Head of [Human Resources]. An evil, evil cat. Any company policy he attempts to impliment will have a negative effect on all employees within a 5-mile radius.
  • Tina the Tech Writer - An ultra-[feminist] who believes that any conversation she hears is an insult to her gender. Hates engineers.
  • Carol the Secretary - Hates employees, and enjoys playing [cruel pranks] on the Pointy Haired Boss.
  • Ted the Generic Guy - He's just there. A filler character for when Mr. Adams can't think of any other characters to use.
  • The Elbonians - A group of people hailing from the 4th-world mudhole that is [Elbonia]. Whenever the Pointy Haired Boss feels like saving money at the cost of quality, he will [contract] this group of [uneducated workers], which generally makes for much entertainment.
Other Characters
  • the Garbage Man - Possibly [the smartest man on the planet]. Has created [robot]s, disproved famous theories, made [phaser]s and other cool weapons, and on top of that is more [philosophical] than the [Dalai Lama], [Confucious], and [Gandhi] combined.
  • Phil, Prince of [Insufficient Light] and Ruler of [Heck] - With a title like that, he's GOT to do something important! Actually, he just punishes people for [minor sins] and carries a large [spoon].

Dilbert has gained an incredible following since its' 1989 inception, and has spawned a [marketing empire]. Almost 20 Dilbert anthologies have been released, and Scott Adams has written several Dilbert themed books.

Dilbert Anthologies (Dates of published strips)

  • Always Postpone [Meeting]s with Time-Wasting [Moron]s (4/16/89 - 10/21/89)
  • Shave the Whales (10/22/89 - 8/4/90)
  • Bring Me the Head of Willy the [Mailboy] (10/5/90 - 5/18/91)
  • It's Obvious [You Won't Survive By Your Wits Alone] (5/19/91 - 12/13/92)
  • Still Pumped From Using the [Mouse] (12/14/92 - 9/27/93)
  • [Fugitive] From the [Cubicle Police] (9/28/93 - 2/11/95)
  • [Casual Day] Has Gone Too Far (2/5/95 - 11/19/95)
  • Seven Years Of [Highly Defective People] (Published in 1997, outlines the [evolution] of Dilbert w/ commentary from Scott Adams)
  • I'm Not Anti-Business, I'm Anti-Idiot (11/20/95 - 8/31/96)
  • Journey to Cubeville (9/1/96 - 1/18/98)
  • Don't Step In the Leadership (1/12/98 - 10/18/98)
  • Dilbert Gives You the Business (Published in 1999, strips about aspects of [business] ordered by topic)
  • Random Acts Of Management (10/19/98 - 7/25/99)
  • A Treasury of Sunday Strips: Version 00 (Color versions of Sunday strips published from '95 to '99)
  • Excuse Me While I Wag (7/26/99 - 4/30/00)
  • When Did [Ignorance] Become A [Point Of View]? (5/1/00 - 2/4/01)
  • Another Day In Cubicle Paradise (2/5/01 - 11/11/01)
  • What Do You Call A [Sociopath] In A Cubicle? Answer: A Coworker (A compilation of strips involving Dilberts' coworkers)
    • Non-Anthology Dilbert Books

      • Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies
      • Dogberts' Clues for the Clueless
      • The Dilbert Principle
      • The Dilbert Future
      • The Joy of Work
      • Dilbert and the Way Of the Weasel

On top of this fine literature, one can buy Dilbert calendars, Dilbert [poster]s, Dilbert [tee-shirt]s, and even Dilbert mints (marketed as Improve-mints, Pay-mints, Postpone-mints, Manage-mints, Approve-mints, Perform-mints and Accomplish-mints).

Dilbert also spawned an [animated series] that ran for a couple seasons on [UPN], and was moderately funny. Dilbert fans subscribe to the Dilbert newsletter, known as the [Dogbert New Ruling Class], or DNRC. When Dogbert takes over the world, all of the DNRC shall rule over the peons who don't subscribe. The DNRC is a great newsletter from which spouts the Word of Scott, as well as amusing stories he recieves from cubicle workers across America. is probably the most-visited comic website on the face of the planet, and is blocked on many a corporate [firewall].

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