Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen Battle Royale.

The TV turns on, you see a city skyline, you hear the sounds of a helicopter rotor. As the view changes from building to building, you hear dispatchers.

We found him, i'm chasing him down

--keep patroling level 2--

--september 11th--


--The name of the criminal is--

--His name is--

Shuya Nanahara--

Kill him!*

Battle Royale 2

Yes, the sequel to one of the most violent films in recent history is being filmed as we speak, and is set for release on July 5, 2003, in Japan.

Principal shooting began on December 16, 2002, the second anniversary of Battle Royale's theatrical release. Unfortunately, the sequel was temporarily sidelined with the illness and eventual death of Kinji Fukusaku, the director of Battle Royale, from prostate cancer. His son, Kenta Fukusaku (who also wrote both BR screenplays) has taken the helm.

So, what can we expect this time around?

The Story
Three years after BR, Shuya Nanahara leads a terrorist group known as Wild Seven, comprised of many past BR survivors. When a Christmas attack destroys several buildings and kills 8000, it is attributed to Wild Seven. The government issues a new act, the New Century Terrorist Counter-Measure Alternative program. BR2. A new class of 9th graders is selected, with the goal of hunting down and killing the Wild Seven members. To study teamwork, the 9th graders are paired up with radio-controlled explosive collars, similar to those seen in BR. This time, however, if your teammate dies, so do you.

Unlike the first BR, we now have two distinct sides, in Wild Seven and the new crop of students, which should prove to be very interesting. BR2 pictures indicate that the students are wearing an urban-style pattern of camouflage, indicating that there will be urban combat. BattleRoyaleFilm.com reports that the island this time around may be Gunkanjima Island, also known as Warship Island from when an American submarine believed it to be a Japanese warship and fired torpedoes at it. There are plenty of buildings, but also some forest-like areas as well.

Noriko Nakagawa (co-BR survivor along with Shuya) is seen, but only in a cameo. The girl from the prologue of Battle Royale returns as a terrorist in what will probably be a larger role, as does Kitano's daughter, whose voice was heard in BR1 over the phone. Sonny Chiba will play the uncle of Shinji Mimura (a student in the original BR).

When I saw BR, I didn't think that there was a snowball's chance in hell of a sequel being created, much less one that looks to be so impressive. Then again, I also thought that they couldn't top the first season of Fox's 24. So, when a friend linked me to info on BR2, I was in shock. Then I read. My opinion? This movie will rock your universe.

*Transcript of BR2 Teaser Trailer

Source: http://br2.battleroyalefilm.com