A pernicious poker variant. Cards and betting are as in seven card stud. Can also be applied to seven-card no-peek. Rules can include:

Nines are wild.
Threes face down are wild. The first player to be dealt a three face up may pay some preset amount into the pot to make all face-up threes wild.
If a player is dealt a four, they may pay a preset amount to be dealt another card face down.
If a player is dealt a seven, they must fold. (This is insane, and probably a less common rule.)

Baseball is evil, because with so many wilds, unless you play a lot of baseball, it's easy to overestimate the value of your hand, especially when you're a little drunk tired. You think your straight flush is pretty hot, but you're not really paying attention to how much money you're putting in the pot, and then all of a sudden your friend is brandishing five queens and raking in the chips, and you realise that it's after two, and you have considerably less money than you started with.