The Process of Belief

2002 album by aging seasoned punk rockers Bad Religion. Scheduled to be released January 22. If you think Bad Religion hasn't done anything good since Generator, this album won't change your mind. If you think BR hasn't done anything good since The Grey Race, this album may give you something to think about. (or at least listen to) In my opinion, it has some decent tracks on it, definitely better than No Substance and The New America, but nothing to crow about.

Favorite lyric: "Does it make you suffer cause you have to die? Is it best to live a lie?"

Track list:

1. Supersonic
2. Prove It
3. Can't Stop It
4. Broken
5. Destined For Nothing
6. Materialist
7. Kyoto Now!
8. Sorrow
9. Epiphany
10. Evangeline
11. The Defense
12. The Lie
13. You Don't Belong
14. Bored and Extremely Dangerous