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mission drive within everything
to contribute to things I know about and learn about the things I do not
step by step and how to guides
every home needs a zombie kit
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- Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 edition with some 2nd thrown in for 6 solid years with 4 years of intermittent play before that)
- Vampire The Masquerade (Revised edition - 5 solid years)
- Call of Cthuluh (about 15 sessions before it was too creepy to play)
- World of Warcraft (less than a month)

I make one puppet a year for an anime convention in Nashville, TN. By puppet, I do not mean socks with eyes. These are three to four feet tall dolls with controllable mouths. They include:
- Inuyasha 2004
- (A hideous mistake I will not name) 2005
- Naruto 2006
Another is currently in progress for 2007.

I have been doing it for three years and have completed 1/8 of a blanket for my queen bed. It measures 6ft x 1.6ft.

Comic Collection
I have close to 300 comics and collect primarily DC universe. I will own up to a small contingent of Spiderman and a handful of Marvel Icons from the Powerless series, but my collection mostly focuses on Batman and Superman comics.

Campy Horror Horder
I admit it. I horde camp horror. From the original Night of the Living Dead to the nigh unwatchable Dracula 3000, I try to get a copy of it all. However, my zombie collection dwarfs the other subgenres.