Here are some good news for me, that I felt sharing with E2!

I just received an e-mail from my attendant professor at the university in which he informs me that today, at the official professor meeting I was accepted as a Phd student at my faculty!!! YUPPIIIIII!!!! I'm gonna be a Doctor!

This is the e-mail (it is in greek of course, written in greeklish) but anyway, I also give it translated below.

H Gevikn Suveleusn tou Tmnmatos se epele3e ws upoynfio Didaktora.
Sugaxrntnria kai kaln douleia.
Pisteuw oti exeis tis duvatotntes va pareis to didaktoriko sou
stov elaxisto duvato xrovo, dnladn mesa se tria xrovia.
E3artatai apo to poso evtavtika 9a doulepseis.



The Official Professor Meeting of our department has accepted your
application for a Phd candidacy.
Congratulations and good work. I believe that you have the capability to finish with your doctorate
in the minimum possible time, i.e. in three years.
It depends on how intensive you are going to study.


PS. Submitting this writeup as the first thing I thought doing, after I received the good news stroke me as a little bit curious... What do you know... I love this place!