Just a word, "Sony Cybershot DSC-F707". No I am not a Sony retailer, but I said to myself:
--"Zaxos, you like photography".
--Yeap. (I replied)
--You like computers.
--Yeap. (I replied again)
--Why don't you buy a digital photo camera?
--I don't have the money.
--Use your father's credit card!

So, here we are... 20th December 2002... I bought it online a week ago from a store on the 9th Avenue in New York, and it came today with FedEx. In the meantime, I had made some arrangements, and OK, I found the $850 that it costed. And damn! I was pretty happy that in the stores here, the camera costs around 1200 Euro! Ahhh, I forgot to mention, that since I had no money, I said, what the heck, why don't I also buy a 128MB memory stick?! So I did.

Some hours ago, I received a phone call from the customs house of the local airport. They told me that my camera had just arrived at the airport. Needless to say, I nearly pissed my pants! I was waiting for the camera like the virtuous people wait for the Second Coming. (and actually, I also had a bit of stress, because it was the first time I bought something from the net, and $850 is not a small amount of bucks...)

Then, the lady from the customs house told me, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, that the fee that I should pay for the custom clearance is... 350 Euro... And as everybody can verify, 850 Euro +350 Euro = 1200 Euro... Damn it! My only consolation is that here, only the camera costs 1200 Euro, and with 1200 Euros I also bought an 128 MB memory stick, and second, the camera kicks ass!

And last but not least, with this writeup, I go to level 2!!! Whooohoooo!