Even those who vote solely on the name of the candidate have the right to vote. Intelligence, eloquence, writing ability, etc., should have no bearing on one's right.

Some people hold, in their heads, a general understanding of the world that serves as a shorthand way to evaluate new information. So, someone could hold the idea "Republicans good, Democrats bad." And that is all the information they might need to cast a vote.

Others might hold other similar shortcut ideas " young good, old bad" or " intelligent good, not-intelligent bad." Whatver ones "justification" for voting is only important to the actual individual. Justfying one's vote to others is irrelevant, largely undoable, and frankly, none of your damn business. For example, if you vote Republican, you could NEVER justify your vote, as far as I'm concerned, so why would we ever even try to envision a need to justify a vote?