Supermarket Organization

The way that Supermarkets are organized is by no means random in fact there is a huge amount of thought that goes into where which goods are. Which is all designed to keep customers in the aisles for as long as possible because it is a simple fact that the longer people browse the more money they spend.

Firstly the entrance is always where flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables are on display it is also often better decorated than the rest of the store. The reason for this is when most people think of a place like a shop they usually remember the entrance and exit. So if the entrance is nice people will sub consciously assume that the whole store is nice.

Secondly big brand names are always at eye height and at the ends of aisles because they are the most expensive so supermarkets want people to buy them rather than economy goods which consequently are usually placed out of sight near the floor.

Thirdly household essentials like flour and eggs are often put at different ends of shops so that every one has to spend time going from one place to another. Also things that only one kind of person would buy are often put by things a different person might buy for example nappies might be next to cigars that way everyone has to go to a range of place within the store and there by become exposed to things they might not otherwise have bought.

This is also why big supermarket chains tend to reorganize a lot because if you don’t know where things are you have spend time looking.

One other trick supermarkets use is to do with quantity particularly with drinks, the small cans are always a eye height while big bottles are usually on the top shelf where it is difficult to reach them this is because it is a lot more expensive to buy lots of small bottles than a few big ones.

Supermarkets also put sweetslower down near the counter so that they are at eye height for small children who have to wait in line with their mothers.