Odd, beautiful, and unromantic places to have sex...

the most beautiful:
(this is excerpted from the storm came):
she found a experimental farm looking for volunteers and we moved into a finished room in a barn there and she did field hand work, weeding, and she loved it; she would work in the sun all day in the green fields and would eat strawberries and green peppers right from the ground and at night we would go outside, followed by the barn's cats, and lay together in the short soft moss at the far edge of the field and watch the moon transit the sky, make love with the moss, the breezes, the summer lightning and thunderstorms, and the sun would rise and we would trek back to the barn and shower ...

the oddest (though still beautiful):
On the spur of the moment, shortly after midnight, we went to the beach; Island Beach State Park, in New Jersey. We'd never kissed, or even hugged -- we were friends, nothing more. A full moon. We sit on the beach, talking, watching the waves, watching the shipping-lane lights on the horizon moving slowly towards New York.

May I kiss you?

We do. And warmth and passion and ... cold, cold water wakes us. The tide has come in. We're stranded on a sand bar. We make love again, water on all sides, our personal island. We wait out the six hour tide, holding each other for warmth.

the least romantic:
The 22nd floor of the UMass library. After closing. Cold, hard tile floors. The high-pitched, barely audible yet incredibly irritating whine of the emergency lights recharging.