I am afraid of needing someone.
I am afraid of taking a risk and offering myself to someone.
I am afraid of falling for someone... it is like the dizzying speed and height of riding a roller coaster, and I like neither.
I am afraid of touching someone because once you start with one little touch, nothing ever seems like enough anymore.
I once dated someone who I couldn't talk to. Talking to her was like bouncing a ball against a wall... my thoughts always came back to me and they made no impression whatsoever on her. I am afraid of that too because then I'd be content but never happy with such a person.
I am afraid of knowing what people think of me.

I am afraid of lying next to someone at night, and wanting her so badly that I would want to reach over and run my hand over her face to memorize it.

I want intimacy, but I'm afraid of it. I am stuck in a ditch that I dug for myself, and every time someone offers me a hand to help me up, I can't seem to grab it. Perhaps I'm so used to being in the dark, that I have come to fear the sun.