This one's really, really strange. See, last night before bed I was teaching kanon42 some Perl. I wanted to be teaching Python, but I don't know it well enough. Now, in my dream, I was an array, and she was trying to iterate over me. She kept on confusing while loops with for loops and various people kept coming by telling her that she was having a Halting Problem, and that she needed to use some other programming language to solve it. Alan Turing himself eventually shows up with a U-Haul which he claims has a Turing Machine in it, but at that point I woke up...

before bed, I wrote:

Time for bed. The air conditioner is rattling infuriatingly in the window; I can't remove it yet, as it's the only way I can get fresh air inside without getting bugs as well. There's no screen.

I'm restless, and I really can't think of any reason to go to bed -- I don't have any particular responsibilities today (besides driving my SO to work), and I feel like doing something more than snoring.

Random thoughts: I was being checked out for some neurological stuff a year ago and they hooked me up for a sleep-deprived EEG recording (i'd been awake for two days) ... and the doctor let me play with it for a while first. I found that if I really concentrated on one thing I could make the waves change visibly, and then if i got myself into a metaloop and starting thinking about my thoughts etcetc it would start putting little deflections in the graph... and then i'd relax and think something trivial and the needles would start bouncing all over the place. Neato.