I feel like my life is moving incredibly quickly, and that I'm living in the future. Thus, a dreamlog entry for the future.

I'm in a huge playroom carpeted with a very thin cheap rug. Every thirty feet or so stands a floor-to-ceiling square pillar about two feet on a side, painted blue halfway to the ceiling. They're metal, and have photograph magnets sticking to them. Me and a gaggle of small children are going around scooping the magnets off the pillars and into a plastic bag, because we've been told that the king is having his coronation on the following day, and it wouldn't do to have the photos up. It seems that the servants said they didn't have to clean up after animals, so we have to make sure there's no trace of them. Apparently there were monkeys.

Zoom out.

The playroom was located in a massive stone castle. I'm in the audience for the coronation, and someone is handing out tiny plastic nuggets, about the size of the last joint on your thumb. Inside the clear plastic are two burnished metal hoops which are spinning at an incredible rate. Apparently, these nuggets are portable cameras, and all the guests are supposed to use them (kind of like people give out disposable cameras at weddings). Virgil is up on stage speaking in verse. Then he comes down the aisles and explains how to use the cameras.

I'm chasing someone around the roof. There are sliding glass doors which lock, and each time I reach one I manage to lock it just before my prey escapes me. A loud gong sounds and the coronation is under way and tri-D cameras are everywhere. I walk in front of the king sprinkling bits of metal like rose petals. There are votive candles everywhere which keep getting blown out; I must relight them with a torch.