College has been absolutely rad so far, I'm convinced that all the chill people come to the west coast, because I haven't met an uptight person yet. Coming to UPS was a bit overwhelming at first, but I'm getting into the hang of things now. I signed up for way too much stuff and am now finding out that I can only handle doing the clubs that I really want to. So I've decided that I'm going with the Alpine Ski Team, IM Frisbee, IM Soccer, and a radio show. Because I'm a freshman though they screwed me by making my show at 8am on Saturday mornings, but at least they don't mind if I do it while hungover (check out fo' mo' info).

I've tried to cut back on partying too hard because last week I woke up on Sunday feeling like shit. So I've disciplined myself into only drinking on the weekends and I've been desperately trying to quit smoking. It's hard though in a place were the indo is so frequently smoked. Apparently alot of the weed comes from Portland, were many of my friends are now presiding. We just made a huge batch of special brownies that messed us up, and the best part is that we've been selling half of the batch and making all our money back. The parties here are actually pretty tight because the school has so many residential houses surrounding it. You have to walk a few blocks, but it's normally worth it. Alright, strange story: I smoked with this guy a few weeks ago and he gives me a pipe for loading three bowls worth. Later I'm at a party and bust out the pipe and this guy I'm smoking with say's "where the fuck did you get this, this is my pipe?!" So I explain the story and he tells me that his house, which had had a party the week before, had been robbed of upwards of $8 grand worth of stuff, including the pipe which I had. So I told him all I knew about the guy who gave me the pipe, and last I knew they had found him and were pressing charges. It was a crazy night.

I've been talking with some friends here about making a trip to Portland over one of the upcoming weekends, cause just about everybody's got a friend who's going to Lewis and Clark or Reed. It would be supercool to chill with some of the old gang and catch up on things, we just have to decide on a definite date.

Anyways I'm off to do some chem and calc homework, I've gotsta go.