As per my Writer's Guild prompt: Write down as many Noun-Verb-Noun combinations as you can in a minute and then pick one and write about it.

Here's mine:

Death Met Santa

This just in, Santa will not be bringing cheer and joy to the children of the world this year, he is dead. Yes that’s right and I’m sorry to say it but the bringer of toys to all the good little boys and girls is no longer. While initially it was thought that the high cholesterol diet of cookies and milk might have induced a heart attack, it is now known that Mr. Clause met his death at the hands of an enraged Mrs. Clause whose defense statement was simply, “he was a workaholic who cared more about those damned toys than he did me.” And while the elves could not be reached for comment, the reindeer seemed to be holding something back, especially that one with the glowing red nose. Our reporter is live on the scene,

“Hello bob, I’m here at the northern most pole where they have just brought in a forklift to carry out the two body bags which have been zipped together, it seems that the public all along underestimated the size of Kris Kringle. There has been quite a lot of commotion here as the elves have been raiding the workshop and stealing all the tools they can, it’s utter mayhem.”

Thanks bob, we now take you live to the president:

“My fellow Americans, it brings me deep regret to inform you all that Mr. Christopher H. Kringle, known to many as simply, Santa Clause, has been murdered. Now I know that this may come as a shock to many of you kids, especially come Christmas time, but the Whitehouse has strategerized an emergency backup procedure in which our esteemed friend Mr. Dick Cheney is going to assume the role of Santa. But instead of gifts and candy he is going to bring you a big bucket of oil come Christmas just so long as you are good little boys and girls and are sure to rat out anyone, including family members, who are suspected of carrying out terrorist activities.”