As per my continuing travels in Argentina, I´ve written a second letter to the compadres (which I must say was rather difficult on a barely functioning Argentine keyboard):

Hello again,

The waterfalls at Iguazu were pretty rad but not quite as exciting as the soccer match between Buca and Guatalahara in which a player, as he was escorted by a barrage of swat members who deflected the oncoming projectiles of the crowd, was punched in the face by a disgruntled fan. I got substantially drunk with some brits who had made the match into a drinking game in which every foul called was event enough for a drink. When the game was finally cancelled due to the rioting fans we decided that we all needed to finish our beers, and hit the bars. Later I toured the city with some aussies who might as well have spoken spanish because half the lingo they used came across as absolute gibberish to me. I took a bus to Cordoba which was delayed a good three hours (making it a total of 36) due to riots breaking out in a small town over gas prices. But from what I´ve heard its much more low key here as is in some of the neighboring countries in which you can´t even cross the border. I´ll probably be taking a bus farther south to Mendoza (where I´m told there are some amazing wineries) either tonight or tommarrow morning.



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