The following is the first of my letters to friends and family from my travels in Argentina this summer.

Hola mis amigos,

So I´m currently in a Hostel in Buenos Aires and I must say that it´s been one of the most intesting trips of my life. After flying to Atlanta then Santiago, Chile I spent nearly six hours exploring the airport/sleeping before I finally got onboard a plane destined for Paris. On my right was a spaniard going to Buenos Aires, on my left was a french woman on her way to Paris. After landing at four in the morning I boarded a city bus which took me completely around the city in a good two hour ride where I managed to miss my stop by about 3 blocks. The Lime House Hostel is probably one of the most hidden places in the city, being found only through a single door (operated by a switch which takes up to a minute to work) down a darkened alley. But the people within were nice enough, and the second I had set down my stuff down I was offered a Quilmes (hands down the nastiest beer I´ve ever tasted, but the only widely available beverage). After a 6+ hour nap I thought I´d take a stroll around the city, which ended in getting completely lost, then thinking I´d been found, only to realize that I was once again....completely lost. Seeing the back streets of this town and the poverty which they attempt to mask was both humbling and heartbreaking. Everyone here smokes, constantly. There were some beautiful parks which I found eventually, and each one was crawling with dogs (there are about as many petshops as there are markets). Today I´m going to catch a bus north to Iguazu Falls where I´ll be staying for about 3 days. That´s all for now, peace,