Here is yet another update from my Argentine travels.

Alright so I´ve got to keep this one short cause I´m being charged about a $1 an hour for the slowest and most accident prone Internet connection ever.

I´m still in the city of Malargue although I had originally planned to be in San Martin de Los Andes by now, but the people in the hostel here are just too cool to leave, so I´ll be stickin around and skiing at Las Leñas until Monday (I think). Here´s a quick lineup of the kids I´ve been hangin out with for the last week. Carlos is a Chilean snowboarder who fled to Argentina to avoid a courtdate to address an incident he had while driving drunk, Ali is the most typical cynical New Yorker and has been in South America for over a year now, Clara and Sara are brits who teach english in Buenos Aires, Kiwi is aussie turned canadian turned argentine who leads backcountry trips in his free time (which is all the time for him), Bjorn and Teag are Seattlites who´ve come down for the season after just graduating from Univ of Wash to make up for the Northwest´s atrocity of a season this year, Alex is an Israelli who knows seven languages and thought he might learn to ski on his 19 month trip to South America, and finally there´s Gerardo, owner of the hostel who was on Las Lenas´ski patrol for over 20 years and is now retired but still leads weekend trips for his guests. Needless to say I´´ve been skiing constantly but today I had a decent wipeout off a 10 foot drop and bruised my shin so I´m thinking I might take tomorrow off. Anyways I hope that all of your summers are going well, mine is beginning to look alot like christmas...

Peace out,


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