Joseph Hillstrom King is an author following in his father's footsteps but establishing quite the path. He's a writer of some quite dark and dirty horror stories, some of which you'd secretly been wishing his father did, without even knowing it. In fact, it seems that if he hadn't personally decided to oust himself (with a little help from the tabloids) as the iconic author's son, his writing may well have maintained its anonymity and still held its own. Or so say the awards his books have won, backed by the rather cult following he's accrued.

This pack of fans is fed through Joe's dialed in online presence, via a simplistic/media focused blog and an update-rich facebook page. At this point he's written four books: 20th Century Ghosts, Heart-Shaped Box, Horns and NOS4A2 with a fifth on the way; as well as a comic series called Locke & Key which is illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.